Versuri Bloodshoteye - Pieces

Album: Bloodshoteye - Without Any Remorse

Outershell is so sweet
Your inner core is rotten
Thats what makes me want you
In the worst way
There your body will lay
Buried in the lawn
There your body will lay
Buried within the soil
That is what makes us spoil
Rotting in the dirt
You will no longer hurt
Say goodbye to this life
And say hello to this knife
Slitting away at your throat
On your own blood you choke
The fear you feel will never surpass
Even after they lay you to rest
The damage has already been done
Starving for more, relieved I saved some
Of some of your remains
Victims I crave
Bloodthirsty I drank till you were empty
Tainted you taste of bitter infection
Disgusted I start to slice away at
Your corpse my inner aggressions
Cut up into pieces
Bleed, Sore, Scar, Die
Look into my eyes
Say goodnight
Now the time has come
For me to have some fun
I'll show you how its done
Drenched in blood
I can't get enough
So I dismember you and
Store you inside my fridge
Little b***h
Your dead body is mine for the night
Another fuct up trip
Another pyscho trip
Now that I have got you
You were just a f**k

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