Inner Glow Chords - Blue October

Inner Glow by Blue October

Here's a really cool and easy song from History For Sale.

Intro: G Am C G

Like a storm cloud I'm eager when you go wild
Am                               C  
Calm again. I'm waiting for the wrong to win.
Drop the bomb and get your story out and get it on. 
G                                            Am
In a haze the beginning of your day is gunna fall down

Gotta get back up but at your own pace.
Gotta get your cup and find your way out of your own maze. 
Yeah boy what you said now. 
Hide the bookthrow it in the waste
Am                                  C
So strong like you belong cause you do belong wheather 
right or wrong you belong.

             D                              C
I'm on your side. If you fail at least you tried.
                      G                               D?   
To keep your aching, celebrating, wonder making heart alive.
         D                        C    
And your pride. Don't keep it all inside. 
                        G                        D
Don't keep your aching celebrating wondermaking heart alone.

Write your own song!

G                          Am
What ever happened to our inner glow.
D                         G      
What ever happened to the song, the soul
D/F               E5
the me I used to know. 
What ever happened to my radio.
D                          G
What ever happened to the song.

Second verse is exactly the same.