Somebody Tab - Blue October

****ok this is my first tab so go easy on this one because odds are it has some flaws. 
it sounded decent on my guitar but who knows it could be out of tune or just crappy.

anyways, i was listening to this song and it sounded easy enough so here it goes

p= pull off
/= slide

basicly this riff is played through out the entire song continuously with minor 
that are too complex for me at this present time....

enjoy and if you have edits to this, or see some mistakes email me and let me know...

(this one should be easy considering i figured it out after playing for only a month and a half.

-----------1111-----------111----------2/3 (or) 5/6------|

and thats it...just do it over and over and listen for the pattern...
oh and btw the 3333 and 1111 can be played as just 3333, same for the 333 and 111...

by: Chris