Versuri BLUT AUS NORD - On The Path Of Wolf... Towards Dwarfhill

Album: BLUT AUS NORD - Memoria Vetusta

We walked during one day in our
ancient land of wisdom
With Ath as guide, prince of messenger in the sky
Arrived in a blackened place lightened by
hundreds of wolves eyes
Ath, the biggest raven stopped and declared
in eerie tongue
"Follow the wolf in the forest...
(Beyond your reality)
Follow the wolf who knows the legend
Listen to the call of the purple river
(Beyond the human sense)
And observe the other side of the shore"

We left the darkness on wolf's tracks...
(God of forest)
Alone, on the way of our first initiation
We left the darkness on wolf's tracks...
(God among the men)

As for the river's purple water,
We left the voice of the mighty God of place

On the other side of the shore, Dwarfh awaited us
So, we took a bridge made of Gold and Jeweled
to join him

We floated in curiosity, with wolf in our heart
Under a new sky, in a land of pure beauty
In our veins, our blood was cold
Our soul filled with a strange quiet
We came near the shore
We came near our destiny...The old man was there
Listen to me
"I know every deatil about you and your
defunct trive
The stars know the disgrace of this kingdom
You'll get a revenge on the blood-thirsty man

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