Visions Of Johanna (ver2) Chords - Bob Dylan

        G                             C                   D 
Aint it just like the night, to play tricks when you're trying to be so 
G      C/G   
       G                            C              D        G      C/G
And we sit here stranded, but we're all doing our best to deny it.  
    D                                                  G       C/G
And Louise, holds a handful of rain, tempting you to defy it.
        C                          G 
Lights flicker, from the opposite loft.
    C                              G
In this room, the heat pipes just cough.
    C                             G
The country music station, plays soft but there's nothing, really nothing 
        D    Dsus4 
to turn off.
     G                C    D    G      C/G
Just Louise, and her lover so intwined.
          C           G            D             G    C/G
And these visions, of Johanna have conquered my mind.