Versuri Body Count - Dr. K

Album: Body Count - Violent Demise: The Last Days

Prozac attack, feeling whacked,
my damned boss won't gimme no slack,
disconnected phone, didn't get that loan
seems like everything's going wrong unemployed
flat broke, outta luck, ain't got no hope.
When it seems like it ain't no way call up the doc
he'll be with you right away

You think your life is tough
(call Kevorkian)
you think your life is tough
(call Kevorkian)
you think you're out of luck
when you're had enough

Need some xanax,
want some pills, 'cause I don't like the
way I feel can't sleep at night, can't get no rest,
I want the grim reaper as my guest!
Missed my bus, missed my plane,
life seems like a constant pain
think it's bad could be worse, call the doc up
he'll pick you up in a hearse.

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