Versuri BOLT THROWER - In Battle There Is No Law

Album: BOLT THROWER - Concessions Of Pain

In the fight for existence and life
There is no law
And in the presence of eternal death
There is no law
And as the struggle for power and domination prevails
In the arising slaughter
It shall be every man for himself
As in battle there is no law

Countless numbers die in war's path
Armies falling to our wrath
Warriors of power marching to fight
Destruction, killing, all that's in sight
Raise the shield or be cast into death
Take a final look, your final breath
Innocent victims of war
No turning back, in battle there is no law

Awaiting the slaughter, time stands still
Thoughts fade away, so does your will
Enemy close in, blood on their minds
You won't die once, die a thousand times
Soldiers of hatred, killing corps of war
Bodies litter the field, what was it for?
Stench of death, no victory for this night
Plead for mercy, you have no right

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