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Sepultura  Metallica  Slayer  Pantera  Megadeth  In Flames  Children Of Bodom

The band (as a live act) formed back in 2004 by the singer and the two guitar players ,mixing old school thrash metal with more gore-ish Six feet under kind of death metal. The first ever recording of Bolthard was a track recorded in the rehearsal room and then it was included on one of the Romanian Compilations Metal Masters which was distributed for free to the interested people from the media. In the early days of 2004, the band is moving to Bucharest, considering this is the best thing to be done for future plans. After some line-up changes, the most important one being the former drummer with an underground veteran from Bucharest, Doru, well known for his activities in many brutal bands from the ‘90s and a session bass player in the person of Irinel Carlanaru (Sphera Noctis), Bolthard starts to conquer the Romanian stages, playing many club gigs in Bucharest and the rest of the country. In less than half a year, the band’s reputation is totally established and Bolthard is one of the most promising combos in the romanian metal underground! The fanzines, webzines and magazines made also very supportive reviews concerning the live appearences of the band, moreover the band started to have their own fans’ base who constantly joined their concerts. It’s one more reason for Bolthard to be opening act for the Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ, to be the support act in two gigs from the tour of the Austrian old school death metal band Possession and play with many other underground metal bands from Romania or abroad. Also Bolthard recorded their first material in the summer of 2005, more exactly one single track called “Thrash Your Dreams” to be used as promotion in the local and international media. Once again Bolthard changed the line-up in the early autumn of 2005, more exactly the bass player. Irinel had to leave due to musical disagreements and he was replaced with George, a bass player known for his cooperation with various local bands from Bucharest. Moreover, the band decided to take a break with live activities and to prepare the first official material; a full equipment set was provided for doing this hard job. At the end of 2008, Costi (ex.Teuton) joined Bolthard as the new drummer. After some time George had to leave. Luckily, Flavius (ex Marsyas , Abigail) came along and closed the Bolthard circle to the nowadays line-up. Bolthard started a new direction getting more and more into the modern sound of metal but still keeping the thrashy groove at the same time.In january 2010, after a change in the management area, Bolthard released a single called "Human Race", track featured on the band''s first ep called "Password:Invalid", scheduled for release in the mid spring of 2010.