Versuri Bolthard - The New World

White hands descend upon them
Beacons of light through darkness
We sow the seeds of hate
I'm showing you the madness

Gold gleaming eyes
The sign of cross
Disease, conceil, redemption
I bring to you
Rape and devastation

New world, faded
I'll never want it
New lights burning
Tainting their prowless

Grim lives, waiting
No one to believe in
No hope to see in their eyes

We name your gods
And give you faith
We bring the joy of reason
The undisputed kings
Of the art of war

We teach the ethics of the land
And make you true believers
Hunt down the heresy
And spit on what you were

Feel my hate, I want to
Make a statement:
We are what we seed!!

Clench your fist
Make your wish
Watch the show unreel!!

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