Versuri Bon Jovi - Wildflower

Album: Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day

She wakes up when I sleep
To talk to ghosts like in the movies
If you don't follow what I mean
I sure don't mean to be confusing
They say when she laughs she wants to cry
She'll draw a crowd then try to hide
Don't know if it's her or just my mind I'm losing

Nobody knows a wildflower still grows
By the side of the road
And she don't need to need like the roses

That girl's sure put a spell on me
Yeah, her voodoos hidden right behind her pocket
If she's fire, I'm gasoline
Yeah, we fight a lot but neither wants to stop it
Well, she'll tell you she's an only child until you meet her brothers
Swear she's never met the man she couldn't make into a lover

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