Versuri Bornholm - Just The Demons Fly

Album: Bornholm - Awakening Of The Ancient Ones

Oh, kill the priests, master
Oh, rape the nuns...
Open wide the gates of hell
For the thundering forces of evil

Spread your wings, oh
Angel of Satan
Bastards of Christ
Will be squeezed in your hands
Like the dead of light
Just the deamons fly

Fallen angel screams the night
Mighty pain on darkened sky...

Time is just a mystery,
The power, go away
Growing the fear
Where souls go astray

With black wings of evil
Fly up the dark sky
Like the dead of light
Just the deamons fly

Black candle burns in dark
Black candle turns the light

Angels fall down one by one...

Like an angel ride the sky
Demons flying through the night
Step over fire gate
Just the demons fly

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