Versuri Bornholm - Where The Light Was Born (Thule Ultima A Sole Nomen Habens)

Album: Bornholm - March for Glory and Revenge

Great shining lights of the sky,
Bring our Gods back to the world
Burning light cathedrals
Raise my soul to the land of Thule

Half of a year... daylight
Half of a year... like endless nightfall

Nine nights long
Wounded by spear
Consecrated to Odin

Ultima Thule...where the light was born
Land beyond the freezing winds

Sons of the Northstar
On snow-covered path they walk
Light of the Northstar
The crown of the kingdom of gods

Axis Mundi... Blessed be your kingdom
Axis Mundi... Lost Aryan wisdom

The Arcturus
The broken cross
A legend
A wheel of Sun
Thule arise

Know how to carve, know how to read,
Know how to stain, know how to understand,
Know how to ask, know how to offer,
Know how to evoke, know how to sacrifice.

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