Versuri Bowling For Soup - You And Me

All I needed was an answer
i didnt ask for nothin more
and she said, just leave your jacket at the door
and we were locked inside
again it started here we go
if you can help me let me know.

So she asked if I could stay there
and I say weve been through this before
and she said just tell me, what do you expect
and we were locked inside
and it started here we go
you can hold my hand, but
dont go back on me
Just remember that its gonna be alright
and youll see we can have it all
cant you see that Im right here waiting, looking
back at you
you and me, weve got nothing to lose. Oh Yeah!

So she wraps me up inside her
and I knew we should not get that far
and she said just close your eyes and say you love
and we were locked inside, again ......

All I need to kill the pain
is for someone else to blame
and Ive waited my whole life
I try to run but I cant hide

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