Magdalena Chords - Brandon Flowers

Capo 1st Fret
Verse 1:
C                    Am      G
Please don’t tell me I can’t make it
F                   G    C
It aint gunna do me any good
C                               Am     G
And please don’t offer me your modern methods
F                        G      C
Of fixing the carve this out of wood
C               Am   G          F              G      C
From Nogales to Magdalena there sixty miles of sacred road
C                          Am        G        F                  G         C
And the promise is made to those who venture; San Francisco will lift your load
Verse 2:
C           Am   G
In the land of old sonora 
F               G      C       
a shallow river valley cries
C                       Am  G
The summer left her without forgiveness 
F                    G          C
It’s mirrored in her children’s eyes
C                 Am      G
Prodigal sons and wayward daughters
F                 G    C                          
Carry mandas that they might 
C                     Am        G
Be delivered from the depths of darkness
F                 G      C
And born again by candle light
F                 G      C
And born again by candle light
G              C    G          Am
Blisters on my feet wooden rosary
G                 C           G        F
I felt them in my pocket as I ran
G               C        G          Am
A bullet in the night, a Federales' light
G             C           G            F
San Francisco do you understand
C               Am       G           F                G        C
Tell Him that I made the journey and tell Him that my heart is true
Am                    C      D       F                               . . . key change
I’d like His blessing of forgiveness before the angels send it through
D                    Bm   A             G                    A         D
And I will know that I am clean now and I will dance and the band will play
D              Bm    A              G                A       D
In the old out to cantina cups will runneth over the ancient clay
D                       Bm  A           G               A    D
And if I should fall to temptation when I return to the evil throws
D               Bm   A         G               A      D        A            Bm  A
From Nogales to Magdalena as a two time beggar I will go where I know I can be forgiven
G               A   D       D-Bm-A             
The broken heart of Mexico
G               A   D       D-Bm-A             
The broken heart of Mexico
G               A   D              
The broken heart of Mexico
please comment so i can change any of the lyrics or chords...thx

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