Scorpio Rising Chords - Brett Anderson

Another beautiful and sad ballad from former Suede frontman Brett Anderson...

Artist: Brett Anderson
Track 6: "Scorpio Rising"
Album: Brett Anderson (2007)

Brett plays arpegiated patterns in the song; I will simply put the chord progression.

Intro: Dm Dsus2 Gm Gm7 Bb Asus2 Dm Dsus2


Dm     Dsus2      Dm    Dsus2      
There's anger in their skin

Gm     Gm7    Gm      Gm7
It's just a style for them

Bb              Asus2         Dm  Dsus2 
They move with murder in their vein

Dm  Dsus2      Dm     Dsus2
A cardboard filled indoors

Gm   Gm7       Gm      Gm7
They pass the daylight off

Bb                       A  A7 
And kiss their innocence away


A       Bb      C
Scorpio Rising

C       Dm     G
Scorpio Rising

G       Bb     C
Scorpio Rising

C           Dm    Dsus2  Dm
It's on the wind
Note: Gm7 = 353333

Tabbed by Hristomir Stanev,