Versuri BRIDE - Bitter End

Album: BRIDE - Fist Full Of Bees

[1 Peter 5:8 Ezekiel 18:24 Luke 23:31]

Wired on the slam of crank
Don't you hang up the phone!
Internal conflict riddles my brain
Think I'll blow my head off [Job 17:14]

Wired with a meth cook
9 mm inoculation
Lift me higher take my breath
Who'll deliver me from this body of death?

Using me up to the bitter end [Proverbs 10:7]
Death is naked before God-Destruction lies uncovered.
Brings all things to the light
Over and over and over [Job 26:6]

Paranoid and lab aware
Butane Tunnel Red phosphorous glow
Fist full of bees watch the children change
Don't anybody speak English in the grave [Psalms 31:17 Psalms 115:17 Psalms 6:5 Isaiah 38:18 Job 24:20]

[Matthew 24:22 Psalms 1:4]
When you come to collect my body
Watch for the trip wires cyanide loaded
Cristina baby I'm sittin' on a bomb
I'm the Crypto boy in the mutant mob

I'm a God with spoon and syringe This is where the pain ascends
I'm a God with spoon and syringe The world of darkness where death begins
I'm a God with spoon and syringe Chalk one up and let's pretend
I'm a God with spoon and syringe Oh' sweet Jesus be my friend

How do you like me now?
Bet you wish you stayed near the cross [Romans 5:8]
As long as I have life in me
Got to get off that movie star stuff

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