Oli Sykes si-a rupt o coarda vocala

de Cristi Nedelcu

Oli Sykes si-a rupt o coarda vocala

Bring Me the Horizon au anulat ultimele 2 concerte ale turneului 'First Love' pentru ca Oli Skyes, solistul formatiei si-a rupt coarda vocala dreapta.

Anunutul a fost facut de Sykes pe Twitter:

Hey everyone,

I'm gutted to announce we have to cancel the remainder of our American tour. I've ruptured my right vocal chord, and I've been told if I don't rest it immediately I'm in serious danger of doing permanent damage. I've been trying my best to fulfill our commitments as I really hate letting you guys down, not to mention these shows have been literally the most fun ever — but at this point me singing would be the equivalent of a footballer running on a broken leg.. once again I'm so sorry, I hope you all understand.

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