Versuri BROADWAY CALLS - Save Our Ship

Album: BROADWAY CALLS - Broadway Calls

We live the dream that makes life worth living.
We live the dream that makes dreamers keep dreaming.
If I had to give it up today, would I be able to just walk away?
I have the strength of a hundred men.
I have the mind of a g*****n genius.
I have a heart that never leaves me cold,
but it would break if I were left alone.
You are my friends, you are my family.
You're more than this. You are my everything.
I can't help but cry. I can't help but wonder.
Is this ship going down? Is it taking us under?
These waves of frustration breaking the mast,
shredding the sails and drowning us fast.
So let's pray. Let's pray for the sun. Let's pray.
Let's pray for the eye of the storm to warm us back up,
catch our breath and prepare for the next f*****g challenge
we know is soon near.

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