Versuri BRUCE DICKINSON - Accident Of Birth

Album: BRUCE DICKINSON - Best Of Bruce

[B. Dickinson/ Roy Z]

Journey back to the darkside, back into the womb
back to where the spirits move like vapour from the tomb
The centre of the cyclone blowing out the sun
break the shackles of your union to the light

I might've had a brother, a service board, they dragged him under
to the other side of twilight, he's waiting for me now

Nativity was lost on me, I didn't ask, I couldn't see
What created me, what and where and how

Welcome home, It's been too long, we've missed you
Welcome home, we've opened up the gates
Welcome home, to your brothers and sisters
Welcome home, to an accident of birth

Feel our bodies breathing as you try to stop believing
There's nothing you can do about your shadow
You can fight us, you are like us and your body will betray you
Lay down and die like all the others

Where are the angels and their wings of freedom?
Jesus had his day off when they pulled you through


To an accidental birth


Visions growing dim as the daylight fades away
I'm spinning, twisting, black, well, It's your dying day