Versuri BRUCE DICKINSON - Broken

Album: BRUCE DICKINSON - Best Of Bruce

[B. Dickinson/ Roy Z.]

I will not be pushed
I will not be stamped defiled
I will not be crushed
I am not your only child

I am not a freak
object of your own desire
I am not ashamed
I am not an alibi

I stand alone, now I can see
You won't bring me down
For all this pain and misery
I'm not broken

Crushed, crushed

I am not a pawn
This is not a game of chess
I am not a pin stuck into your shiny vest
I am not a slave
I will do what I do best
Walking out on you
Take my life and leave the rest


All the hatred can't you see
You won't bring me down
?Open your eyes up? set me free
I'm not broken

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh [x4]


I'm not broken [x3]