Versuri BRUCE DICKINSON - Man Of Sorrows

Album: BRUCE DICKINSON - Best Of Bruce

[B. Dickinson]
[Demo, 1992]

Here in a church a small boy in kneeling
He prays to a God he doesn't know, he cannot feel
All of his sins of childhood he will remember
He will not cry, tears he will not cry

Man of sorrows, I won't see your face
Man of sorrows, you left without a trace
His small boy wonders what was it all about
Is your journey over, has it just begun?

A vision of a new world from the ashes of the old
"Do what thou wilt" he screams from his cursed soul
A tortured seer, a prophet of our emptiness
Wondering why, wondering why



A man of sorrow's wrecked with thoughts that dare not speak their name
Trapped inside a body made to feel only guilt and shame
His anger all his life, "I hate myself", he cried
"Do what thou wilt, do what thou wilt", he cried


Has it just begun?

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