Versuri Bruce Kulick - And I Know

Album: Bruce Kulick - Bk3

When you walked into my life
The future seemed so bright
Could allmy dreams come true
So I took you in my arms
Seduced by all your charms

And I know
That I'm feeling fine
Don't you know
When you're by my side
You should know
That my love for you is blind

In the morning's early light
I looked into your eyes
And blue skies turned to gray
How could you be so cruel
You played me for a fool
Now we're through

And I know
I was feeling fine
Don't you know
That I lost my mind
And I know
That my love for you was blind

Now I know
That I saw the signs
And I know
That you think you're kind
Don't you know
That I've leaned to draw the line
Was a joy to have you here
But your drama just appeared
I can see right through your lies
We're like two trains that collide