Versuri Bruce Kulick - Hand Of The King

Album: Bruce Kulick - Bk3

Come along, we must be strong
To reach the castle before dawn
Don't mind the moans at your feet
It's just the friends you've left behind
You can use their bodies to help you to climb

Run boy run, one by one
Your wings will blot out the sun
You'll find a glorious seat, among the stars
As they align, "At last," you'll cry, "This world is mine"
Watch the stars, as they align

Wings of jet black, never look back
Watch as the sky turns red and cracks
Below him they sing, crushed under a dream
Writhing in tides under the Hand of the King

Look at me, on my knees
You've made me forget my dream
Broken my sword and my soldiers
Welts of red, I should be dead
But your face just won't leave my head
Watch the stars as they align



Yeah watch the stars, as they align
"At last," I'll cry, "This world is mine"

Chorus x2