Versuri Brujeria - El Bajon

Album: Brujeria - Brujerizmo

El Bajn es!
No te rajes!
Si te Matas!
El Bajn es!
"De parranda todo los das,"
Ms yerbita con tequila
Vas a ver que un da duele
Los demonios dicen!
Todos los das vas al reventn
Ms yerbita con piedrita
Vas a ver cuando te pega
Los demonios dicen!
Otro tragito no te hace nada!
Dame toquesito de ese bongito, dame toquesito ahi bien llenito
Dame otra raya, que quiero irme a la cama
Pico de perico pega muy riquito, pega muy PaPaPow!
Trienta horas tienes dormido Sin tequila no motita
Vas a ver que te va chingar
Otra vez te dicen!

[English translation:]

Crashing is!
Don't give in!
If you kill yourself!
Crashing is!

Out partying everyday
More green weed and tequila
One day you'll see that it will hurt
The demons say!

Everyday you're out giggling
More green weed with some crack
You will see when it hits
The demons say!

Just another little drink won't do nothing! X2
Give me a little hit off that bong, give me a hit with a loaded bowl
Give me one more line, so I can go to bed X2
A blast of s**t hits very nice, blast of s**t hits very PaPaPOW!

You've been passed out for 30 hours
Without tequila and no green weed
You'll see that it will f**k you
And once again they say!

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