Versuri Brujeria - Laboratorio Christalitos

Album: Brujeria - Brujerizmo

Laboratorio cristalitos
Para ratas que estn fritos
Greudos de los ms locos
Quieren algo ms pesado
Pericasos si aguantas
Lo ms recio mata ratas
Vas a ver el hoyo negro
Laboratorio cristalitos
Estas fumando los hielitos
Esa lluvia del sobaco
Dos dias tienes demoniaco
"Quin te busca, estn tocando"
Metralleta vas matando

[English translation:]

Little laboratory crystals
For all those fried-out rats
The most f****d-up longhairs
Want something heavy
Cocaine bumps you can handle
The faster s**t - rat poison

You're going to see that black hole!

Little laboratory crystals
Now your smoking those little ice cubes
You're raining from the armpits
Got a 2 days binge going! Demonic maniac!
Who's looking for you, someone's knocking
Grab that assault rifle and go off killing

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