Versuri BRUTAL TRUTH - Get a Therapist... Spare the World

Album: BRUTAL TRUTH - Evolution Through Revolution

policy of war want more
callous in your thinking need belief in
what you'd like to find a little piece of mind
but you only find the clandestine

do as they say – stop thinking
ask why – they lie
straight line – cross ties
genocide – life crime

bark or bite with no reason why
future crimes mankind
graze the sheep are all rolling by
man and slaughter – we're all fine...just fine

do as they ask, back off, behave
with their thoughts, your life
their grip, feel life slip

all bark, no bite
feel insane, that's normal
no one likes this order
time to ride let's ride

all this bark all of this might... is it worth the fight
change is hard for one, imagine global one
all this pain and suffering just go away
if we stopped to think – think