Versuri Bryan Adams - 05. Not Guilty

Album: Bryan Adams - Waking up the Neighbours

Who are you to say that I am wrong?
Who are you to say I'm crazy
Ain't a crime of passion comin' on strong
I'm only trying to treat ya like a lady
And I can't help myself

Do I have to prove my innocence?
Don't need a lawyer with a fat degree
Cause if lovin' you is against the law
Then you better lock me up and throw away the key

Oh gonna take it to the jury
Oh gonna nail it to the wall
Oh gonna fight I'm gonna prove it
Oh so let the hammer fall


I'm not guilty - baby I'm not
I can't stop this feelin' I got
I'm not guilty - cross my heart
Not my fault if I'm fallin' apart
But I'm alright Jack justa watchin' my back
I'm not guilty - I'm not guilty

Won't serve no sentence won't do no time
Won't cha listen to my plea
Ya the verdict is I'm doin' fine
Cause the love police are lookin' out for me

Oh I'm gonna get a witness
Oh I'm gonna write it on the wall
Oh it's a dirty old business
Oh ya let the hammer fall


She'll break your heart she'll take your mind
She'll steal your soul
She's everything she's a schoolboy's dream
She's rock 'n' roll
She's a knockout combination
It's a sticky situation

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