Tell Me How Chords - Buddy Holly

Tell Me How

Song> Tell Me How
Artist> Buddy Holly
Tabbed by> Stewart Garner- Jones

   A           F#m
Tell me how to keep your love
   A           F#m
you know how I need your love
   A              D        E7
tell me how you keep the love
             A      D   A  E 
within your heart from me

   A             F#m
Don't you know that I love you
   A             F#m
Let me show why I'm true blue
   A            D         E7
when I know our love is true
             A         D   A  A7 
don't keep your love from me

If you would say to me today
the time for love is now
could I sway your love my way
then I say tell me how

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