Versuri Built to Spill - Planting Seeds

Album: Built to Spill - There Is No Enemy

I'd hand it to time if I knew where the time had gone
The connoisseurs were wrong
And so was everyone else

I know what they're saying cuz that's all they talk about
Just need to figure out
Some s**t for myself

And just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's even true
Heard it all and I believe that we deserve another point of view

We can make it if we try
And if we don't it's gonna still be alright

'Cuz our minds are still alive
And we can decide what's right

Make up your mind make up your own mythology
Afraid of finding me
And of defining you

Take what you want but you won't want it where your at
I know this for a fact
Just because it's so true

The first place my mind goes is where I never want it to
Like where it hurts the most or all the stupid s**t I say and do
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You can make it if you try
And if you don' it's gonna still be all right

'Cuz our minds are still alive
And we can decide why

Telling me thousands of times what's next to want
Just doing their job but you know that's a dirty job
Can't stand this game still we're bullied to play along

When bullies grow up they get meaner
Yeah they really get it down

They think that they get it but they always get it wrong
They'll play your favorite song
Just to sell s**t to you

I've heard that they'll sell anything and I think they might
I think Bill Hicks was right
About what they should do

And just because you love something doesn't mean it's yours to buy
Been selling it so long that no one even knows the reason why
You've been messing with our minds
Gettin' rich wasting our time

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