Versuri Buried In Verona - Five Bullet Russian Roulette

Album: Buried In Verona - Circle The Dead

Our beginning will last forever, even though we fear the end
And the light that blinds our two souls burns brightly in your eyes
You forgave all my actions that hurt you inside
Then you ripped my heart out
I can't take this, you're like a wrecking ball through hell
These words don't do justice for what I feel inside
I wish I could just wake up with your head next to mine
You see me from your blood filled eyes
And you judge
My life means nothing
To you I'm worthless, no warmth just darkness from your heart
Am I still nothing?
You're bleeding, you're seeing me
You are the one thing I'd die for
You're my only reason to live
Handle your problems or our love burns to death

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