Versuri Buried In Verona - Rohypnol Sunrise

Album: Buried In Verona - Saturday Night Sever

I blame you. You exhaust me, bait me
I feel nothing but hate. These shattered memories contain all of the struggles, goodbyes
Your acid tongue burns no more and I am healing
I f*****g hate the fact you think you can do anything you like
There are the lines that you have crossed
You're f*****g hopeless, You're f*****g helpless now
I will crush you without even touching you. I will crush you without laying a finger
I will stand above the dirt and the scum that’s bound to surface
That’s when you'll see your nothing to me. You're nothing to anyone, and you never will be
Will you make it out alive or will you burn up in the fire?
You’ve always taken everything. There’s only bones left now to bury. Mark your grave
My path is broken, its time to face the end. Your face is slowly fading away in wind

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