Versuri Buried In Verona - Saturday Night Sever

Album: Buried In Verona - Saturday Night Sever

Just shut your f*****g mouth. You've no clue what your saying
Give up, your words are fading. You think I cant see through your f*****g lies
You're reading from a script, someone else’s words you ripped
You know if someone cut the strings you'd be back to a lifeless limp-a*s dick
We refuse to hear you, until you say it with some heart
How many times did you revert to ignoring what your heart was saying?
How many times did you go back to you think this is the real deal?
One day you will feel the regret, and you will know what you wasted
You could of made a difference. You could of saved your soul
Does it make you feel more like a person, when you hide behind the cries of the innocent?
Does it help you sleep without the fears? You demolished life and you didn’t even care

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