Versuri BURNING IN HELL - Brave Warriors

Album: BURNING IN HELL - Burning In Hell

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

In the time that sword power worth more than any word
A land moist of blood spilled by warriors
A child was born and he'll show the salvation way
The people pray the rosary in church with hope a best someday
Fighting monsters, wizards and dragons
His bravery was one of a kind
He was blessed by gods
And he had a brave heart
The kings only wanted new lands and more riches
While the people worked hard only to live
Many wars and a lot of destruction, people go to a place far away
Bodies fallen on the ground, prisioners with rusted chains
Brave warriors fight for freedom
They kill monsters and dragons
This child became a brave warrior
He'll never lose bravery in his heart
Bravery in his heart

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