Versuri Burning Skies - Abuse To Confuse

Album: Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption

Self abuse, where is this leading
Keep it up, abuse those feelings
First dying inside
So die inside
Inject that fix daily and keep walking that path
Look forward to where you're going
Today may be your last
Day of living
Its annoying you could be so weak
You had the choice to live your life
But death was what you sought
Betrayed all those around you once again
Too out of it to see through
What a shame
Why did you ever choose that path
Wrong turn
Abuse to confuse
What ever led you down the wrong path
What ever crushed your will
You cut the life out of someone else
What possessed you
How can you justify this
Self abuse, where's this leading
Inject that fix daily
First dying inside
Today may be your last
Abuse to confuse

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