Versuri Burning Skies - Emocalypse

Album: Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption

Delusional, a walking nightmare wielding an axe
He preys on all scene idiots
Sure in his actions and his cause
Demented butcher, kills without remorse
Evacuate the fashion scene or suffer
At the the hands of the death angel
You fuckers never learn, its been years
And its getting worse
Now its time to end this f*****g trend
You'll sleep in a grave when he sees you at the mirror
The chicks wont like your face when its axed beyond belief
You f*****g b*****s, hes here for real
This time its not personal
Just all you f***s should die
Death approaches with malice boiling over
Try to escape, your scene cant run for cover
Death angel personified

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