Versuri Burning Skies - Sticky Richard

Album: Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption

Sticky Richard
Made in this life to comfort us
Built with two hands
in sticky we trust
Stone up all of us
So relaxing i cant let go of the time we share
There when we need you, you'll never let us down
No, don't really care if anyone resents you
I will be there to smoke you up
And if i need your help, Henry's here to save my a*s
Sativa, so relaxing
Moonshine buds bust my eggplant
Mike, smokes up all the buds
Freightrain smokes up too
Flores, sticky is for you
Skin up, light that f*****g b***h
Sticky Richard is the s**t
Patwah baton chugs bong
Sticky's ours, now all can share him too
Turn those frowns upside down
Sticky dick
Don't look glum, come burn some
Fry your nurch
Sticky Richard born and bred in the hearts of those
Who want their eyes red
Play some metal, smoke some green
No weak s**t in between
Turn those frowns upside down
Sticky's here

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