Versuri Burning Skies - To Be The Man Who Has To Beat The Man

Album: Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption

To be the man who has to beat the man
I will destroy everything you care about
I'll be the one to get rid of you
Be the person who will take away your life
Put an end to your pathetic existence
And slice the throats of the people of your kind
You will suffer all this time all you've cared about is being tough
And everyone is out to p**s you off
But that's not the case you skanky little c**t
Why cant you focus on whats really taking place
Get a clue Read the signs
They're as clear as death
Cause torment Case pain
To those you consider to be weak than yourself
I cant wait to see the day when you're boiled alive in p**s
So your family can see you f*****g suffer
Death be your release
Now you can watch from hell as i kill your family
Social predator
To be the man who has to beat the man