Versuri Burnt by the Sun - Lizard-Skin Barbie

Album: Burnt by the Sun - Burnt By The Sun

Okay. We can stop now. Time to this stop and go. We can stop pretending to be
sane on this cold worn sidewalk. We look like fools today. Much like yesterday. Much
like the times they proved us wrong. We said it couldn't happen. They made it
happen. History speaks louder than any other word, not bound and gagged by
passivity or hesitance. Dust bowls blow with our conjecture. And I look around and
see rust building up. We can't move even if we try. Move. We can't move even if we
try. Move. Agitate.

The praise over the recent demonstrations in Seattle are testament to the
lack of of realism within the hearts and minds of many activists fighting
for social justice around the world. Though the demonstrations were
successful in that they did postpone the WTO conference and brought
important issues to the front pages of virtually every major newspaper for a
full week, they offered only marginal success, as the WTO still
convened and exists as it did long before the demonstrations sparked
discussion and then quickly faded with all the expectancy of any other
news story. Though progress is indeed a process, we must remember that our
steps towards justice are indeed only steps, and are only
noteworthy in that they will lead us to the next step. In praising simple
and limited achievements as great strides, we ultimately put ourselves at
risk of being discouraged to continue after learning that our greatest
efforts usually yield only marginal results.