Versuri BURST - We Are Dust

Album: BURST - Lazarus Bird 2008

In this skeletal form, rupture skin and flesh
Wake these eyes of bone to life
In this skeletal form, rupture skin and flesh
The ashes of the dead arise

Past an enormity of stifling redundancy
We suck breath into this dry carcass
With joints that crack and veins that run gravel
To set in motion, exultant
Skeleton, churning rivers of smoke
Skies laughing with blood

Islands separated by a fraction of surface
Conductors through holy submission and humble duty
Shed an iron shroud and inverting fire
Vibrant ghoul, birthing thunder and lunacy


Reaver, fool, carve justice from within
Priestess, exacting judgment of a silver globe
Apparition dissolve
Dissolve and depart

In this skeletal form, reverberate and shudder
In this larval state, germinate and stutter
In this skeletal form, carry until it is over


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