Versuri Bury Your Dead - A Wishing Well

Album: Bury Your Dead - Beauty And The Breakdown

You faced a tragedy
You changed the course of me
I had the right to speak
But you took that right away
When you took you away

I know the choice wasn..t easy
But I don..t know what it took to choose
And I know that you..ll never believe me
But I know that we would have chosen you

Was he ever deserving
Of the figure that we lived without
Did he just turn out to be ugly
Or were you living with all your doubts

And to this day
I wonder what you were thinking
And I still wonder where did you go
I still don..t know
How you came to leave us that day
Left us behind you but not alone

With one another but without you
Make the best that..s all we can do

I hold nothing against you
I just feel we deserved a chance
There..s so many questions I want to ask
So many holes to fill in our past

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