Versuri Bury Your Dead - House Of Straw

Album: Bury Your Dead - Beauty And The Breakdown

Hold the hand of a liar
It must be easier
Your dreams he fought to conquer
Was there ever anything

Years weigh upon my mothers face
Every single day
Memories that I will not erase
You ruin my family

Her pride beat into submission
And everyday she suffers

She..s under the spell and the power
Of someone who hurts her
He..s under the guise of a man
But truly he..s a coward
Empowered by the feeling he gets
From seeing others
Who cower at his hands
Just to prove he can

You say he lost his heart that night
He never had one anyway
You say your drinking starts the fights
Well I..m digging his f*****g grave

Prove to me you can

There was never anything


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