Versuri Bury Your Dead - Let Down Your Hair

Album: Bury Your Dead - Beauty And The Breakdown still my everything it might
Feel like I..m wasting my time
But I..d give you anything
And if I have to say this one more time
Someone..s gonna get hurt

So tell me what you want from me
I..m left staring at these empty sheets
I know I told you the last time
Was the last time
And now hearing it all again

I can..t believe that you believe in me
And you see something in me no one sees
You somehow deal with my lifestyle
And I..m always coming home
And to your bed

I hear your heart
And it sounds the bells of war
Another pointless meeting
With another f*****g band whore
Another month I..m leaving
On another tour
I hear your lungs breathing
And it means so much more

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