Glycerine Acoustic Chords - Bush


By: Steven Smigiel 

I put stuff out there for a guy playing solo acoustic guitar. I like open chords for the
bass & resonation. Ill always give the lyrics and enough tab to get you going. -Steve

Standard 440 but one fret lower. So E is Eb etc.
**IMPORTANT** Tune: F A D G C F 
Open chords. This is different but it allows you to use all the strings.

Chord Shapes (repeat through out)
   F   Csus  Dsus  Bbsus   
F     Csus                Dsus
Must be your skin that i'm sinkin in
  Bbsus                     F      
must be for real  cause now i can feel
F     Csus          Dsus  
and i didn't mind it's not my kind
            Bbsus          F      
Its not my time to wonder why

(repeat chords of 1st verse)
everything's gone whiteand everything's grey 
now youre here, now youre away
i don't want this remember that
i'll never forget where your at

F    Csus     Dsus   Bbsus    F
don't let the days go by    Glycerine

Csus\Bbsus FCsus\Bsus F

(repeat chords of 1st verse)
i'm never alone, i'm alone all the time
are you at one or do you lie
we live in a wheel where everyone steals
but when we rise it's like strawberry fields
if i treated you bad you bruise my face
couldn't love you more, you got a beautiful taste

F Csus        DsusBbsus
  don't let the days go by
FCsus     Dsus
could have been easier on you
  Bsus            F
I coudn't change though I wanted to

F Csus      Dsus
should have been easier by three
    Bsus F Csus--Bsus 
our old friend fear and you and me

    F     Csus\BsusF 
glycerine           Glycerine  

Csus          Dsus   Bsus           F
don't let the days go by glycerine

Csus         Dsus     Bsus  F  Csus Dsus Bsus 
don't let the days go by   aye  aye  aye  aye

F Csus Dsus  Bsus    F Csus   Dsus  Bsus  
      glycerine glycerine   oh glycerine glycerine 

Dsus     Bsus     Dsus      Bsus
Bad moon white again Bad moon white again
And she falls around me

F     Csus          Dsus
I needed you more; You wanted us less
Bbsus                    F      
I could not kiss, just regress

F             Csus Dsus
it might just be clear simple and plain
           Bbsus       F      
that's just fine that's just one of my names

Csus              DsusBsusF
    don't let the days go by
CsusDsus    Bsus
could've been easier on you you you 

F Csus\Bsus  F
glycerine glycerine

              glycerine    glycerine           

**This is a simple song but the timing and chord changes are imperative. Good luck!

Steven Smigiel

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