Machinehead (ver3) Bass Tab - Bush

Bush - Machinehead (Bass)
(Standard tuning)

Tabbed By James McLafferty

Intro and verse

2 bars of just guitar, then:

(The x's should not be sounded, they are just to keep rythmn)

    C#               A
G  :----------------|-------------------------|
D  :----------------|-------------------------|
A  :4---------------|-------------------------|
E  :----------------|5-5xxx5-5xxx5-5xxx5-5xxx-|

play this once then the main figure starts. 

This is repeated all through the song.

    C#                       A
G  :------------------------|------------------------|
D  :------------------------|------------------------|
A  :4-4xxx4-4xxx4-4xxx4-4xxx|------------------------|
E  :------------------------|5-5xxx5-5xxx5-5xxx5-5xxx|

First Chorus

    E     B C#  A
G  :----------------|
D  :------------7---|
A  :7-----2-4-------|
E  :----------------|

play this three times, then the fourth time:

    E     B C#
G  :-----------------------|
D  :-----------------------|
A  :7-----2-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4|
E  :-----------------------|

The Post chorus ("I walk to my machine...")

    F#               A
G  :----------------|----------------|
D  :----------------|----------------|
A  :----------------|----------------|
E  :2---2---2---2---|5---5---5---5---|

Chorus 2+3

    E       B        C#      A
G  :----------------|----------------|
D  :----------------|--------7-7-7-7-|
A  :7---7---2---2---|4---4-----------|
E  :----------------|----------------|

Like the first Chorus play this 3 times then

    E       B        C#
G  :----------------|----------------|
D  :----------------|----------------|
A  :7---7---2---2---|4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-|
E  :----------------|----------------|

The post chorus is played the same

The Break at (02:46) is the same chord progression as the verse

The last "I walk my machine...." is just guitar till the last chord 

G  :-------| 
D  :-------| 
A  :7---7--| 
E  :-------| 
The song is:

Verse 1
Post chorus
4 bars insrumnetal
Verse 2
Chorus 2
Post chorus
Verse 3 (short verse)
Chorus 3
Final Post Chorus
(Note: no other tabber has noticed it is a high A being played during the chorus, but if
you listen carefully or watch Dave playing it, it's definitely correct. Dave has also
said this is his favourite song off "sixteen stone" because of "all the attitude".)

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