Versuri Bywar - At Trance With Metal

Album: Bywar - Heretic Signs

Before my eyes watching you die
Alcohol hitting your brain
Feeling and desire metal you'll find
The raven dwelling all your dreams
Thrashers breaking the rule in this world
f*****g society (it's a s**t)
Face all your ways, do what you think
Headbanger destruction will stand

In metal trance, smashing, destroying this way...
In metal trance, the only drug that ourselves need

The leather, the spikes, the beers makes me rise
My soul forever possessed
You'll win your fears, the noise is a medicine
Merciless reason to live
Estranged we will fight, with metal we'll try
Poisoning this world and threat
Join us and hear, drinking this pill
People screaming 666

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