Versuri Bywar - Death Of The Immortals

Album: Bywar - Invincible War

[Perfetto, Ozio, Regep]

The end of your life in the beggining of pain
Evil will born in the deep of your soul
With powers of ancestrals gods of hell
Burn the pride of the immortals
Your disease is sucked by Satan
So your blood now is turning black
Your dream is over on the center of my hand
So this is the end of the immortals

Don't go to the sky
Your way is the hell

Betrayed by cry of your children
Men no more look for your future
To live in the hot shadows of Earth
You'll die with the glorious
Salvation is the song of the beast
And its food is the blood of its sons
Kill to survive and creep with me
'Cause you're not the victorious

[Solo: Perfetto]

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