Versuri Bywar - Killing The Pharisee

Album: Bywar - Invincible War


The kings of hell sent us a plague
With scars of hate by the chosen one
The plague was Phrarisee that followed Christ

Feel the winds of death in your face
Just his eyes will see his end
Sinner! You spit on the cross
Killing you! Feel your betrail on the skin

The rage of god will fall without mercy
With Gabriel's return expursing from Earth
The gates of Eden are closed to him
So the betrayer was accursed forever here

[Solo: Regep / Perfetto / Regep / Perfetto]

See? He died by rage of god!

The clouds of hell are full of sin
Following Pharisee through four points of Earth
With his cursed soul Pharisee awaits
The end of times to rebirth again