Versuri Cain's Offering - Morpheus In A Masquerade

Album: Cain's Offering - Gather The Faithful

One more night,
One more before I shall whither and die.
Grant me just one more life.
One more I'm needed to make this thing right.

The more that I gave,
The less I received.
It's all for them,
And none for me.

I am unworthy to be sacrificed,
I'm such a tragic coming.

Doing the dance, and singing the songs,
I'm Morpheus in a Masquerade.
Your just sins, I have held deep-within.
I will burn down for you.

One more night,
For me to turn into what I portrayed.
Call me by my true name.
One more time, one more before it's too late

It's not the ovations that I so adore,
It's your shrine I kneel before.
You were my beginning and you'll be my end,
My lover and my friend.

There in the dark you have always been waiting,
Waiting for me to return back home.
Hold onto me when the ballroom has ended,
Masquerade has faded.


Dark is the road that now lies before me,
Twisting the path to that empty house,
Where evil lurks in every darkened room.
Just waiting for you.

Liars and the martyrs,
I've got dreams to auction.
Devil can you hear me?
I've got souls to sell.

Sinner or a saint,
For me it's all the same.
I have grown so tired,
Of this Masquerade.

My ray of hope, where are you now,
When I need you the most?
You are the child of love,
And you are all I've been longing for.

Let your morning fall upon me,
Let the night time fade away.
Bestow on me forgiveness,
And let me live for another day!

And I've gone and made my bed,
And in it I will lay.
Bored of evil, for now,
I'm old and gray.

I'm Morpheus, please dance with me.
As always can take the lead,
And guide me through the walls of light,
Sailing through the seas of night.

I'm Morpheus, please caress me.
Hold my heart, too weak to beat.
For I'm not sure I want to see,
What you've come to show to me.

Tonight, see the weight of a broken man,
Standing by the shore-line.
He turns around,
And I can see it's me.

Standing where the ocean touch the sand,
This little boy,
Has grown to be a man.
Let me be the best I can.

Take me where the clouds caress the horizon.
Where all I hear is whisper of the wind.
And mothers rule must move things on, once more.
Where is the star I used to wish upon, so long ago?

One moment, I'm broken.
My heart will be wide open.
For someone, for no one.
Cast to the wind, my ashes.


Here I stand, naked and ashamed.
I've been stripped down to the bone.
The Emperor's new clothes,
And no one here can see.

And no one can say,
But it's good enough for me.
I'm undone and forsaken,
By my imaginary friends.

You'll all leave me alone,
So I can down my existence.
For in the end,
I don't even know who I am.

I've shifted shapes so many times.
I've forgotten which ones mine.
So sick and tired,
Of been sick and tired.

My quest for immortality,
Has made me so much more human,
Than I ever wished to be.
My love, save me!