Versuri Cannibal Corpse - Meat Hook Sodomy

Album: Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face

Butchery my meat hooks sharpened to penetrate
Emasculate, gouging crotches I will eat
Hung upside down, holes punctured through half-chewed
Gristle, debauchery, with dead bodeys turning green
Upheaveal of human entrails
Deterioration of grated genitals, dangling from the hooks
Obscene feeling deep inside me
Dislocating, separating a blood-drenched body
Begin the anal grouting
Awaiting insertion, to rip out intestine
Bodily destruction
Vulgar molestation
Treachery neverending soul ripping
Lifeless bodies rot, petrified
Clogging veins
Pressure building
Scabbing cloted sores dehydrate
Condemned to a life of obscurity
Dismal dimensions of my being, I explore my thoughts
Through murder
Devoting my life mutilation
Streams of blood saturate, grubs feed on dilapidated
Stumps, darkness overshadowing the killing
Eyes now dealate
Bodies disintegrate
Razor sharp hooks implanted in your rectum
Splitting bodies, spilling guts on the ground
Sodomising living beings with my utensils
Stabbing out your life stripped of all your skin
Disgusting to the world
Beaty to my eyes
The body lying naked discharging my infection
Invigorating where I kill, intoxicating
Invoking suffering of human beings
Grinding orfices my only therapy
Sculpting gore
Muscle tissue
Mounds of flesh, deformation
Skulls of victims stacked like trophies
Bleeding from your arse sudden blood ejection

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