Versuri Captain We Re Sinking - Death Of The First Born At The Hands Of The Almighty

Album: Captain We Re Sinking - The Animals Are Out

If I'm lying being nailed to a cross are you the one that is nailing me in? Are you the one thats sulking it in? Are you the one thats
rejoicing with all of your friends? Everyones screaming they can't understand he left a note on the table a hole in his head and you know
I still remember the name. But the faces they all look he same. We were young lost in a moment. And the time and these dreams as the
memories fade. Last night I mad my moves when it came to an end I had sold my soul and swore I was ahead and swore to god I'd never go
back again. But when the morning came I forgot what I said, took m suit to the cleaners knowing damn well in 8 hours I'd be back to make
the same mistakes. I lay awake in bed at night asking myself we he had to die will all my heroes lie in graves?

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